About Us

ZoomAway is a technology, travel, and outsource reservations company which services a diverse clientele within the hospitality industry. Our clients range from hotels, golf courses, ski resorts, and other activity providers to convention bureaus and transportation companies. Each client uses their own marketing channels and website to present our products to consumers. Our specialty is bundling room reservations with virtually any activity worldwide.
Our ever growing platforms include proprietary systems used to manage hotel room inventory, real time golf tee time reservations and ski lift ticket purchases, group registration and management software, and various transportation reservations systems. Additionally we operate regional call centers to professionally support each product.
ZoomAway's clients receive an experienced team which specializes in extending the client's sales and reservations departments. Each client markets their own product, and hires us to increase sales, help grow their customer database, and reduce overhead. With steady growth in new markets and the best tools in the industry, we are changing the tourism market.
We further support our clients by operating our own regional brands in several growing markets. By using our own products, we are able to better serve our clients as well, thus truly creating a beneficial partnership.